Why You Should Use an Exercise Ball Chair?

yoga exercise ball chair

yoga exercise ball chair

A type of desk chair that has an exercise or a stability ball as the seat cushion instead of a regular one is known as an exercise ball chair. You might be thinking why you should get a stability ball chair when you can simply use a large exercise ball as a desk chair. However, these chairs actually have casters, just like other types of rolling desk chairs, on top of which the exercise ball is mounted, and your lower back will rest across a support bar. There are many reasons why you might want to use these chairs.

An Excellently Ergonomic Chair

When you sit on an exercise ball chair, your back will be kept in a more natural posture, and this will prevent you from slumping. While sitting in such a chair, you will remain upright since your abdominal muscles are forced to engage. This is the reason that these chairs are considered to be ergonomic in nature.

Bring Your Muscles Back Into Action

When sitting on a stability ball chair, staying balanced on the ball will require certain effort on your part. You will constantly have to correct your abdominal, leg and lower-back muscles. If you spend most of the day sitting at a desk, then you rarely use these muscles. However, once you start sitting on such a chair these muscles will be brought into use once again.

How to Sit on an Exercise Ball Chair?

This type of chair will also serve the purpose of a standard desk chair as long as it has the correct height. If you are planning to use such a chair at home and/or at work, then make sure you keep your thighs sloped downwards and do not raise them above the hips while sitting. Unlike a plain stability ball, an advantage of sitting on a stability ball chair is that your lower back will be additionally supported by a support bar.

Benefits of Sitting on a Stability Ball Chair

By sitting on this type of a chair, you will be able to avail many notable benefits.

  • Sitting on such a chair will improve your core strength, which means your abs will become stronger, and you will be less prone to suffering from back pain and injury.
  • Sitting on such a chair will strengthen your balance, and this will be particularly helpful for you if you are quite old.
  • Sitting on this chair will help you lose weight. You might not believe it but by sitting on this chair you will be able to burn calories.
  • Sitting on such a chair will reduce leg cramping.

Choose the Right Exercise Ball Chair

When it comes to selecting the best fitting and perfect stability ball chair, you should always consider the following three factors:

  1. Make sure that the size and the type of ball is ideal and suitable for you to sit on.
  2. Specific issues like comfort, balance, effective seating, posture and sensory problems can be addressed by these chairs, so choose accordingly.
  3. Always keep your budget in mind when buying such a chair

Thus, it is apparent that an exercise ball chair is no ordinary chair, and if you spend time sitting on it for most of the day, then it will significantly benefit your body.

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